Breaking Into Web Development by Ken Rogers

Breaking Into Web Development

A guided roadmap to landing your first web developer job when you have no education and no experience.

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Become a professional developer

Breaking Into Web Development is a hybrid course, mentorship, and community that guides you down a clear path to becoming a professional developer.

There is one goal: getting your first full-time web development job.

That initial barrier of trying to get a job when you have no credentials to prove yourself tends to be the hardest part of becoming a professional web developer.

Not everyone can afford the time and money it takes to go to college or a developer boot camp, and going the completely self-taught route takes forever and is filled with anxiety, information overload, and fatigue while you go at it alone.

I'm creating this course to give you a battle-tested plan to land your first job as a professional developer and to fill the gap between completely self-taught and expensive, time-consuming education.

A better way to find work and build a career

Blasting out endless resumes and applications is exhausting, morale-killing, and doesn't work all that well. It can work, but there are much better ways to break into the field that don't suck your soul and can hep you build a strong foundation for a successful career in the future.

I want to show you a better way. A way that I and hundreds, if not thousands, of other people have used to start and build their dream careers.

This way absolutely takes work, but this work consists of building valuable things, growing a network, and expanding your influence in the developer and software communities rather than endlessly blasting applications for hours on end every day.

Rather than using the spray and pray approach, you'll build a valuable skill set that you can apply to real-world projects, and build a network of people to how that experience to, attracting opportunities to you and laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling career as a developer.

Breaking the no experience and no education barrier

Getting a great job and building an excellent career comes down to two things:

1. Learning valuable skills
2. Proving that you have those skills

Employers want you to have credentials or experience because it proves that you have valuable skills that will help the company.

But you can learn valuable skills like development and prove you have those skills without existing experience or official credentials.

You'll learn how to do both effectively and quickly in this course.

We'll do this by:

  • Creating an effective personal website
  • Learning in public and teaching everything you know
  • Working on real-world projects that solve real problems
  • Creating a system for writing and reaching out to others in the industry, building your own personal brand as a developer

Building a powerful network of people that brings opportunities to you

One of the most high-leverage activities you can do to launch your career is build a great network of people that trust in your abilities so opportunities can come to you.

In Breaking Into Web Development, you'll learn how to create a system for reaching out to people in a genuine, non-sleazy way that is actually enjoyable.

Networking is, unfortunately, an ugly buzzword with negative connotations.

In this context we are simply talking about a repeatable system for building meaningful connections with people who can help you land that first job.

Creating a repeatable, efficient system for launching your career

By the end of this course, you will have created your own machine for launching and growing a fulfilling, successful career.

Rather than using the spray and pray approach of sending out applications and resumes, you'll build a platform that signals your value to employers and brings amazing opportunities to you.

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I don't want this to be another course where you're left to do things on your own, so I'm doing things a little differently than your usual self-paced course.

Breaking Into Web Development is going to be part course, part one-on-one mentorship, and part community.

Here's how it's going to work

  • The first component will be a self-paced video course walking through each step, complete with concrete action steps to take.
  • The second major piece will be direct feedback from me. Whenever you complete the action step for a module, your work will be submitted to me, where I'll give you timely, specific, and actionable feedback and advice.
  • Finally, you'll get access to The Project Bootstrap Tribe, a supportive community of other developers on their journey to building their own careers. Every student gets access to a private group that I'm active in so we can learn from each other, ask questions, get feedback and help each other grow our careers.

The combination of these three pieces is designed to fill the gap between going at it completely alone, and paying for college or an expensive boot camp.

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